I work as a professional storyteller since fifteen years back, and the last two years I have been part of the company Fabula Storytelling. I have performed on festivals around Sweden, such as Ljungby berättarfestival, Fabula berättarfestival, Skellefteå berättarfestival and more, and outside of Sweden e.g. Beyond the border - Wales, Japan, the Netherlands and more.

Further I am the artistic director together with Amanda Glans and Agnes Branting, of the storytelling company Evil Twin 

Current and previous touring shows within storytelling

Den sköna Zumurrud, 2024 (booking through Fabula Storytelling) 

Dom staden slukar, 2016 (booking through Fabula Storytelling) WATCH trailer

Frankenstein och hans Mamma, 2017 (booking through Fabula Storytelling)

Evil Twin, 2013 - 2016 (booking through Fabula Storytelling) WATCH trailer

Nulyajuk, 2012 

Svarta Sagor, 2011 WATCH trailer

Tror ni på troll?, 2007 - 2009