Original title: Kaffetjejen

International title: The Coffee Girl

Genre: Comedy, satire

Run time: 19:25

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Shooting format: RED 4K

Language: Swedish

Subtitles: English

Country of origin: Sweden

Year of completion: 2012

Script and directing: Frida Spång

Producer: Alexandra Malmqvist

Cast: Maja Frykberg Andersson, Rasmus Gisby, Leif Sandqvist, Maja Kin, Henrik Jiber, Caroline Ilea, Josef Törner, Jessie Liu, Olga Henriksson, Christofer von Seth, Henric Gustavsson, Christopher Lehmann

Director of photography: Sara Hermansson

Composer and sound: Frida Spång

Soundtrack: 'Julia Pastrana'

Set design: Beatrice Carlstrand

Edit: Frida Spång, Alexandra Malmqvist

Production company:

AMT productions

Funded by: Filmbasen Stockholm, Film i Västerbotten, Film på Gotland, Studiefrämjandet, Filmcentrum Stockholm


Malin, a young woman working as a production assistant on a film set, mostly making the coffee, tries to show her ambitions to become a director herself. But the hierarchy on the film set is difficult to break through and she starts to realize that the path for a young woman in the film industry is a bumpy road.