Original title: Tunn is

International title: Thin ice

Genre: Drama, queer, magic realism

Run time: 23:00 (Also available in 15 minute-version)

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Shooting format: Black magic RAW 4K

Language: Swedish

Subtitles: English

Country of origin: Sweden

Year of completion: 2021

Script and directing: Frida Spång

Cast: Sofie Lybäck, Christopher Lehmann

Director of photography: Felicia Semitjov Nääs

Composer and sound: Em Silén (RipMe)

Set design: Indigo Booze

Make up, costume and decor: Elin Anders

Edit: Frida Spång

Graphic design: Burton Booze

Production company:

SaturdayFriday production

Funded by: Ottar fonden

In collaboration with HDK | Valand Academy

PRESS-PDF for download


Angelica, an on the outside very normative woman, is haunted by a feverish dream, urging her to approach her roommate Ami, an openly queer, gender fluid person. But Angelica's attempts to connect are clumsy and awkward, and she keeps stepping over Ami's boundaries in a desperate search for her own self.

    What first starts as a seemingly innocent game of teasing, turns serious and exposes the insecurities and feelings lying behind, and when Angelica finally gets invited to Ami's room it is as if a new reality opens. A reality she does not know how to move in. But Ami's willingness to open up and share is limited, and while Angelica keeps pushing, Ami try to keep her at a safe distance. Yet at the same time, they are driven by a curiosity to understand Angelica, sensing similarities lying buried deep under.