Original title: Bara vanlig svensk

International title: I'm just a regular Swede

Genre: Comedy, fiction, satiric

Run time: 12:00

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Shooting format: RED 4K

Language: Swedish, English

Subtitles: English

Country of origin: Sweden

Year of completion: 2021

Script and directing: Frida Spång

Producer: Josefine Böttker

Cast: Lo Kauppi, Eva Rexed, Maja Kin, Peter Järn, Mattias Olsson, Marina Svala Nyström, Christopher Lehmann, Maja Frykberg Andersson, Rasmus Gisby, Leif Sandkvist, Lisa Huyu, Hanna Nygård, Frida Thelin, Josef Törner, Joanna Dahlgren, Birgitta Rudklint, Frida Spång, Anna Belstock

Director of photography: Filip Stankovic

Composer: Frida Spång

Edit: Frida Spång

Set design: Karolin Spång

Production company:

SaturdayFriday production

Funded by: the Swedish Film Institute, Filmbasen Stockholm

PRESS-PDF for download


A satiric punch-in-the-face comedy about the less beautiful sides of Swedish everyday life. Awkward internet dating, hidden racism, mobile phone cacophonies, failing moral courage, distressing phone calls, and computer-game rage mixed in a colorful soup made out of short scenes.

In the film, we get to see glimpses of commonly observed behaviors within Swedish society all accompanied by a high-pace beat. And some very important questions are asked. How much money should you give to a homeless person? Where is the best place to sit in a cinema? Who should act when someone falls onto the train tracks? Can you drink coffee on the subway? And what do you do when you need help this very second?